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Why Brick Repair Might Be Preferable to a Total Rebuild

You may have noticed that some of the brickwork in your house is falling apart. Perhaps some bricks have come loose entirely, or cracks have started to appear in the mortar. Whatever the case, if this is your home, then you are a prime candidate for brick repair in Toronto.

Here are some reasons why opting for brick repair rather than a total rebuild is the best way to go.

More Cost-Effective

Repairing the brickwork in a structure is usually the more cost-effective approach, as opposed to completely demolishing and rebuilding an entire structure. Demolitions can be costly, complicated, and expensive, not to mention time-consuming.

Brick repair, by comparison, gives you the opportunity to fix only the areas that have been damaged or deteriorated, thereby ensuring a faster turnaround with a lower labour complement required and a lower overall cost.

More Sustainable

If you are concerned about the impact that your construction activities might have on the environment, then repairing a brick structure is more environmentally friendly than tearing a structure down and rebuilding it.

Generally, demolitions result in a significant amount of waste that ends up going into landfills. Conversely, brick repair reduces the amount of waste generated and uses fewer new materials.

Preserves the Look and Feel of the Original Structure

Matching the aesthetics of an existing structure while preserving the building and its unique character is one of the many benefits of brick repair. A skilled brick repair team can seamlessly blend their work with the original brickwork, ensuring that the repaired sections match the rest of the building’s aesthetic. This is particularly important in areas where the brickwork is a feature and needs to be appealing to look at.

Serves as Preventative Maintenance

Sometimes, brick repair work is only needed on a minor section of a structure. Brick repair is helpful in such cases because it can preserve the overall structural integrity of the building, making it safe and stable for continued use while extending its life and reducing the need for more drastic measures later on owing to rising safety concerns and structural instability. Without brick repair work, extensive demolition and reconstruction might be required at a later stage.

Less Disruptive

Construction work, particularly on homes, can be highly disruptive to the occupants. Brick repair work can be a much less intrusive way of fixing a structure than total demolition and reconstruction of entire walls or sections of the house.

Brick repair is therefore less disruptive and will help the occupants avoid the need to relocate during the process. It allows for a more tailored approach that can address specific issues in targeted areas without the need for building-wide reconstruction.

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