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The proper steps for concrete porch and step replacement

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Concrete repair | Toronto, ON | Murphy’s Masonry

We would like to show you a write up of what an estimate should look like for a simple concrete step and porch replacement. If you are hiring a mason to do this work, ensure ALL of the steps whon below are included in the scope of work.


Concrete porch reubuild:

  • Remove railings
  • Break down existing porch
  • Remove rubble from site
  • Dig down 4 ft to allow for step footings (not always 4 ft)
  • Build new steps and footings
  • Build lumber forms for the porch slab and steps
  • Pour concrete steps and slab
  • Install rebar
  • Remove lumber forms the next day
  • Reinstall railings


I hope this gives a little bit of clarity to homeowners out there. Always hire a professional mason to do any kind of concrete or brick work, a handyman simply will not cut it. There are many factors that come in to play with a concrete job. Get it right the first time!

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